Leave No Doubts, It's About Standing Out

All resume template download packs come with a variety of sample extras that help get you hired

Vector Illustrations

Hundreds of vectors to choose from that help you brand yourself with social media, contact, custom section icons, personal logos and so much more

Graph & Chart Library

Hundreds of various bar graphs and charts, custom designed for you to insert into your word document if the resume you choose doesn't have one

Formatting Instructions

Every download pack includes a full sample library of countless action verbs, power words, writing ideas, and full step-by-step resume formatting guides

Unique Infographics

Take a creative CV a step further and describe your credentials through special images, qr codes, banners, and other helpful graphics to show them who you are

Featured Downloads

These are some of our top rated resumes that you've got to take a look at


Six rare fonts come in this well organized, highly creative resume pack for jobseekers. A popular choice because its beautiful flow of blue and brown patterns that bring a sheet of paper to life with a bit of finesse sprinkled on top.


The use of dimly textured backdrops, timelines as well as special shapes go beyond what it is necessary to make recruiters look twice. A nice looking border is placed around a sharpened headshot to start things off.


This one page, core-functional outline is optimal for anyone looking to get straight to the point. The body is formatted into 3 sections, using tables to make your content completely ATS friendly, concise, and efficient.