…social media platform’s handle. If you have a professional header with your name and phone number, add the company name below your name. For example, “Smith, Inc.” If you have a professional header with your name and contact information, add the company’s address. For example, “Smith, Inc., P.O. Box 9000.”…

Blue Bell – Core-Functional Template w/ Framed Name...


Contains a very prominent header to showcase your name and initials, using a font size that guarantees your resume won’t get lost in that big stack of candidates. Blue Bell comes in a core-functional format by default, housing the bulk of your details in two side-by-side columns – both invisible,…



…for leadership experience, listing contact information along the bottom of the document. Behind large lettering for your name and linkedin URL sits an 80% transparent text box.   Work History Writing Tips: Add the job title and the name of the company below the company’s name. For example, if you’re…



…leadership experience. Plywallƒ??s got the perfect minimalist look right here, with a gray header for your name and a white background to give prominence to your essentials. Personalize its header by double-clicking inside the header or footer area and dropping some text of your own into its place. You can…



Named Reimpression because it’s exemplary for anyone in need of a quick rewrite of their CV, the fonts with real wording in the draft add to the completed resume… once all of this fluff text has been replaced with your own, that is. It highlights academic accomplishments by listing education…



Elegantly made for first time jobbers who have little to no work experience, a template like Cyrtostyle highlights your availability start date at the start of the document. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone in need of a more detailed resume to better demonstrate your scholastic background or…

FineSpun – Core-Functionally Formatted Template, Se...


Background textures and thick double borders will always earn you a nice looking resume. Incorporate a classy black and white photo above a thorough summary statement, and you’ve got this beige, two page layout – already in core-functional format. Paste in your original CV details and send it…



version of your name, while nick.doyle@email.com is a more creative one. Avoid using nicknames or numbers. They’re often used by employers to identify candidates, but you don’t want to inadvertently give away your personal information. Instead, use your real name, and if you’re a recent graduate, use your last name….



…outlines filled with matching a matching color scheme highlight the what’s what of your community service history. Add your first name initial to the enclosed circle on top, and edit the rest by clicking on its respective text area. Quick Tips… If you worked for an organization, you should use…

Eldora – Header Headshot, Timeline, Triple Column


Stun all potential employers who come your way with your exuberant personality and special skill-sets with Eldora, one of our most downloaded resumes since inception Let’s face it. A business vibe that’s full of life is uncommon to pull off. Especially when you’re only using Microsoft Word and…

Macfarlane – Grey Bordered Body, Two Colored w/ Str...


This creative resume template has asymmetrical styling, an editable group of timelines, and clustered bar charts, leaving you with all of the graphics and SmartArt… often thought of as a necessary component to impressing any employer in an outstanding fashion. As a videographer, you need space to give…

Catalonia – Tri-Column, Skillets Showcasing


A complete resume and cover letter pack that exemplifies aesthetic perfection with all the essentials… providing green accents in all the right places. Including over 100 colored and black & white social media monograms in png form, 20 hobbies icons, 7 vector image maps, and 2 beautifully designed…