Tolchester – ATS Core-Functional Template, Red Acce...


is in black and red with varying font sizes. The silhouette style, black and white monogram is oval-shaped and fades cleanly into the background. Red and black text work together well to give the core-functional format a professional yet gorgeous quality that creates clear distinction to structure the layout appropriately….

Yellowstone Tri-Column


duties required in the role you’re applying for. Highlighting skills on your resume and cover letter allows employers to learn about an applicant’s experience in the sales industry and can help you stand out from other candidates. A job in sales can be a lucrative and satisfying position for people…



Use the job description to identify any skills and experience the employer wants in their position. If you have a significant amount of relevant skills and experience, you might consider placing these skills and achievements higher on your resume to maximize your chances of landing the interview.The education section of…



jobs and industries require a one-page resume, while some positions and industries have a two-page resume requirement. Your resume should include all relevant work and academic history, as well as relevant skills and qualifications. Most employers require a one-page resume, but some positions and industries have a two-page resume requirement….



and honors. A resume header is the portion at the top of your resume that outlines your name, contact information and summary or objective. If you want to use the professional header, you can include your personal contact information, too. Your header should include your home address, phone number and

Dark Iconographic


verbs as possible in each entry on your resume. This keeps your list from becoming cluttered and makes your achievements stand out. Awards can show your skills and experience while setting you apart from other candidates. Include any medals you may have earned, received or been nominated for and try…



For retail jobs, effectively drawing attention to your merchandising knowledge is paramount to landing interviews and getting hired – and Pericallis is known for highlighting facets through visuals. Through inserted shapes underscores inventory management skills, cashier competencies, and a lot of key holding experience, Pericallis allows potential employers to immediately…

Aqua – Expedient Core-Functional Template, Bar Grap...


you’ve created and colab’s you’ve placed in your online profiles. Recruiters and hiring managers may view hundreds of applications, so it’s important to have a concise, relevant branding statement. By identifying and highlighting key skills and experiences, you can help make your resume more attractive to employers and increase your…

Charnu – Ribbon Initialed Reverse-Chronological Tem...


busy and difficult to read. Instead, use different fonts for the job section, skills section and education section. Your font size should be between 10 and 12 points, and you should have a one-inch margin on all sides of the page. The best place on your resume for the contact…

Astute – Experience-Focused Core-Functional Template


their eyes on the goal can be paramount. This skills-based, core-functional design template portrays your talents and business qualification in a simple two-column portrait layout with a black and white monogram next to enormous uppercase letters for your name. (Other fonts, fill patterns and chart types are in the attached…

Pink Undertint


Undertint is popular among human resource professionals: HR Generalists, HR Administrators, and Recruiters. This word template download package contains three templates for cover letters, resumes, and online portfolios that can be used for both job applications and for graduate school use. The simple feminine pink and grayscale tones create an…