…abilities, upload your favorite circular photo of yourself or switch the font spacing to an extended pt. For line adjustment ideas, grab some from our extensive mock up library that comes in the download. The main content presents some of your academic achievements within a yellow underlined heading, all of…



…can market you to firms the way they should. All that has changed with this flawlessly formatted resume and cover letter word packƒ??created in ms word and specifically for ms wordƒ??it’s a new, dynamic way to brand yourself in today’s competitive housing market. After uploading a circular photo of your…

Medinilla – Four Rows, Dual Color Canvas Color Offs...


…add buzzwords such as Acute Care, ICU, Hospice, or Telemetry to the relevant skills section. Effortlessly crop of circular photo of yourself thanks to word’s replacement function. Choose the perfect certifications for the qualifications and training attended parts.   Considerations: A great way to enhance your resume is by adding…



of professional highlights or even hobbies if you like that speak to both you and new employers. You don’t have to bother cropping to fit in a circular photo of yourself. Consequently, go ahead and adjust your personal website link to make sure it complements your portrait photography, social media…

Laredo – Skills-Based Core-Functional Template w/ A...


This template comes already formatted in Core-Functional and uses huge custom icons, circular-shaped, to help label each section you opt to include in your resume. The download bundle has hundreds of other icons to choose from in the icon library folder. Entirely formatted using multiple tables in word, this core-functional…

Deep Slate – Optional Photo Core-Functional Template


A magnificent, monochromatic color scheme characterizes Deep Slate from other templates. By default, the entire resume is formatted by 4 big tables, core-functional of course, emphasizing your various skills and abilities. (Alternative version comes without center charts – for anyone without an advanced set of skill-sets) Widened dual-borders…

Mud Abstract – Long Column Core-Functional Template


One of the more sophisticated templates, Mud Abstract is ideal for a long resume due to the amount of content it fits into its inserted tables. In the center of the header lies a circular shaped photo, optional for you do include, of course. Impressive typography is used for its…

Daffs Monogram – Split Profiled, Offset Reverse-Chr...


Utilizing two contrasting columns, Daffs Monogram’s main body has a vertically inserted timeline to visually map out a diverse work background in relation to when your academic achievements first came about. Your resume will begin with a circular shaped photo to be replaced with your own. Versatile graphical elements used…



Meticulously designed background using a weave patterned foreground… not to mention its header has an exposure header style containing a circular photo ready for you to update too….

Chlorura – Heading Bar Colored Hybrid Template


…have one, not to worry). Fill in fluff text with hyperlinks to social media or website links you wish to insert. To edit the circular monograms in personal & program skills in windows/pc all you have to do is follow these three steps. 1.) Hold down shift after you click…



…Replace the all white circular shapes with your favorite hue and mix and match with the matching orange fonts and logos. Simply select an element, like the barcode for example, and apply changes like the size, artistic effects, and symbols. Change the border thickness and transparency to personalize your photo….



With graphic design in mind, this corporate resume was formatted to also be used for a cover letter or even for letterhead use. All sections, memes, and headers are already grouped and in proper formats. Take a look: Aside from recoloring the vectors, Napoleon allows you to choose…