Minsk – Boxed Canvas Reverse-Chronological Template


…effects. Each professional skill graphic has enough title space for your web design, graphic design, or social media expertise. Finish up with choosing from the hundreds of social media icon pack included in the download, then save as a PDF if you prefer. Recommended for: Instructional Design Engineering Event Planning…

Brisling – Canary Design Reverse-Chronological Temp...


A complete set of resume templates for highlighting your sales talents. The bundle includes a two-page CV, cover letter, references page, 14 page portfolio booklet, business cards, and more. Each layout consists of yellow vector icons (hexagon shaped), matching skill bar graphics, and a distinctively designed vertical line separator with…

Ocean Fuego – Tabular Sections, Boxed Styling w/ Co...


Prior to whipping out your application for grad school, show your expert design skill-set with your two-toned, uncluttered resume and cover letter. This double pack of templates help not only job applicants’ careers’… but they also help the trajectory of students’ futures’ thrive by aspiring them to leave the right…

Sedona – Grid-Patterned Side Panel w/ Profile Highl...


Sedona is a modern resume & cover letter design template for word… and it seriously looks like it was straight up made in a fancy program like photoshop or illustrator. Your name is set in two differently sized typefaces at the upper left corner above a classic circular headshot photo,…

Tenuous – 3D Charted Core-Functional Template


Uses a turquoise sidebar for your section headings, with an engaging 3D pie chart for four key skills giving an otherwise text-dense design a modern feel. The vector illustrations have percentage marks on them, against a raised silver background for grabbing hiring manager’s attention. Leadership qualities can be a good…



…to incorporate as many of these keywords as you can throughout your resume objective. For example, if you are applying to a graphic design position, your objective should include keywords related to design and marketing. You can set your resume to automatically generate a summary statement or resume objective whenever…



The page long sidebar, along with classy font choice and the solid diamond bisection, turn this into a modern design, indeed….



Jumpstart your job seeking process with a CV that’s clean, tasteful, and skills-based – just like this word template from Templicate. Unleash your key strengths by refining the existing design. Convert the resume to a qr code and begin distributing it on pinterest. With rows of bar charts along the…

Milt – Strong Visuals, Blue Accents


Milt starts out with a large about me area that rests above custom made skill graphics that you will adjust in word. The sidebar extends by following your introduction up with a monogram surrounding a headshot photo, and company logos end the column off. Widely perceived as a…



Stand out with a completely asymmetric design in word, dark gray & black divot pattern foreground and transparent backgrounds that you can customize with ease. The sample resume comes tailored for a legal assistant, but you can edit it to reflect your personality and industry. The document is split down…

Dark Iconographic


…the white text against it makes the layout ideal for IT jobs, among others. Lastly, the body is concluded with a dedicated infographic section for your design skills.   Tips: If you have a talent for writing or an ability to speak more than one language, you may want to…