Cordova – Monogram Combination Resume Template w/ L...


…email address, you should use your personal email address for applying to jobs. If you have a business email address and a personal email address, use your business email address for applying to jobs. There is no need to use your personal email address for anything else, such as sending…

Almena – Aqua Themed Hybrid Resume Template


…Also featuring triangle shaped borders, as well as rounded and stacked bar graphs that run horizontally – all of which visually measure your capabilities quite impressively. Replace the existing qr code with that of your own, or feel free to put a personal logo in its place if you wish….

Nevus – Multioperational, Functional Resume Template


…own personal logo so the manager at the bar can see what you look like. Scroll through our sample verbs list, then pick and choose what power words are most readily applicable to your personality. All of the text can be re-formatted to wrap in line with your picture too….

Flatwood – Creative Functional Resume Template


…the existing photo to that of your own, Place it in the header, or don’t shy away from creating a custom emblem that represents your own professional brand. Just select any element to make inevitable adjustments to the executive summary, your personal references, or temp jobs to do your justice…

Jaffa – Multi-Value Functional Resume Template w/ R...


…well as a list of the applicant’s personal contacts. This happens more commonly in smaller, personal-services industries, like accounting or law, where employers often use network recruiting to find the best candidates for those positions. Since a list of references is usually a requirement for a new job hire, you…

Villard – Infograph Combination CV Resume w/ Logos


logos. Fill in the career timeline as much as you want, and choose from the variety of icons in the download pack. Add in your favorite photo and word will automatically resize it to the preset picture shown in the pics. Then plug in your information. Extend the professional skill…