Westfir – Loud CV, Chronological Resume Template


…despite looking anything but! A little pizzazz goes a long way. You can start by messing with the colors to lighten things up a bit. Replace the company logos and adjust the colors by right clicking and choosing the picture corrections tab under the format picture option to personalize your…

Delmita – Multifaceted Targeted Resume Template in ...


…Replace the all white circular shapes with your favorite hue and mix and match with the matching orange fonts and logos. Simply select an element, like the barcode for example, and apply changes like the size, artistic effects, and symbols. Change the border thickness and transparency to personalize your photo….

Mantiger – Blue Iconic Chronological Resume Template


The use of dimly textured backdrops, timelines as well as special shapes go beyond what it is necessary to make recruiters look twice. A nice looking border is placed around a sharpened headshot to start things off….

Stonelinet – Illustrative Resume (Chronological) w/...


…educational background into the design and sift through a list of sample action verbs to enhance, lengthen, or shorten the vertical timelines. Opt to make replacements that will let you arrange your experience timeline chronologically and more comprehensively. To make the blurred header picture uniquely your own, use word’s picture

Quartic – All Industry Reverse-Chronological Resume...


…have pictures for your references, swap them out for respective company logos of each employer. Zoom into the dotted circular border around the headshot… not bad! Change the dates on the left to salary history if you want to hide those gaps in employment that you’re worried about messing up…

Laterite – Cross Purpose Targeted Resume Template


…main content presents some of your academic achievements within a yellow underlined heading, all of which is on top of a beautiful, light beige horizontal line patterned background. It’s upper border provides enough accent to blend it all together- from your summary to your communication skills, and everything in between….

Aqua – Expedient Core-Functional Template, Bar Grap...


…bar graphs to a different color by going through the format picture option in word (shown above). On the flipside, if things are too bare, see if adding table borders and/or varying icons will enhance the overall look. We opted to not include lines to separate the sections (besides the…

Charnu – Ribbon Initialed Chronological Resume Temp...


Get HR professionals raving about your job application the instant you submit your resume by downloading Charnu… a word CV template that represents your certifications and notable achievements through its well ordered structuring. Substitute the preset headshot and begin pasting in an in-dept profile statement. Widen rectangular-shaped bar…

Sharpbill – Golden Accented Chronological Template


Sharpbill is extremely detailed with 100% customizable formatted shapes containing contrasting foreground and background colors that use three different patterns. sphere, outlined diamond, and small grid. A thick gold border underneath header that matches lines and hyperlinks. You’re free to adjust each technical skill bar by selecting it and dragging…