Symmetric Rubric – Split Styled Core-Functional Tem...


…them with hours worked per week. Add additional shading, borders, or re-set existing alignments through word’s table properties. Unlike other word templates, it lists your professional summary on the bottom the right column… which is big enough to fit up to 4 or 5 sentences. With plenty of remaining space…

Carromata (Original)


…with the borders and shading options. Exploded pie charts fill up the footer with neon accents. Designed to give prominence to your relevant skills in an uncluttered manner. Helpful Cover Letter Tip. Always try to summarize your educational accomplishments…no matter how big or small into the first paragraph.    …



…off your achievements and display your language skills properly. The four experience columns do all the work so they can see every project you’ve been involved in. You’ve free to swap out colors and fonts by selecting the shading arrow in word. Extra Tips: Many employers use applicant tracking systems…

Mandalay – Table Separated, Rounded Software Profic...


…statement that can be edited as its borders and shading can be easily seen by viewing the gridlines of each cell as well as using buttons to apply borders. A yellow tinted sans serifs accentuates the headline text over a basic white background. Liven up the work history timeline with…



…of the template include complimenting symbols for bullet points, interest and social media images, and icons designed for your contact information at the center – following the blue-brown shading motif of the header. Experiment with different data sets for the horizontal bar graphs and pie charts on the second page….



…you to emphasize your volunteer work, augment your bachelor degree with relevant coursework, and underline internships to top things off. Make that impactful first impression freshers need by downloading this 2-pager and stand out among other new grads. Minimal shading is used to fill each shape, which coincidentally act as…



Take a straight-forward approach to making your resume with this contemporary template featuring vertical framework, a two-column layout, and built-in quantifiable results graphical elements. It also uses multiple font faces relating to Open Sans, all very readable – that give it a clean look and maintain its professional…

Yellow Applewood


…just click the cell to alter anything about its properties or content – you can use word’s shading feature to add a little contrast to the background, for instance. If you want to replace the rows containing software skills with something more technical, you can do that too. Tweak the…



When you’re in healthcare administration, you want the facility that’s reading your resume to think of you as a person who lead both clinical and business professionals – regardless if it’s a hospital, nursing home, or a primary-care medical practice that will be employing you. In downloading this…

Mud Abstract – Long Column Core-Functional Template


One of the more sophisticated templates, Mud Abstract is ideal for a long resume due to the amount of content it fits into its inserted tables. In the center of the header lies a circular shaped photo, optional for you do include, of course. Impressive typography is used…

Saxton – Minimalist Core-Functional Template


Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds. Well, without a good resume, most of the time, nothing improves in a career. At its core, Saxton was designed to capture the attention of employers – mainly due to its choice of earth-tone colors and clever table placement. Ideal for…



As a college student, you need a resume that sports your extracurricular activities, honors & awards – Oklahoma does exactly that. This leading-edge template expresses a shingle pattern foreground tan in color, a boldly shaded sidebar, and a formative body outline. Simply double click anywhere within the quotes…