Jenera – Multipurpose Reverse-Chronological Resume ...


…use the logos of the software skills you have. Have your Microsoft Office proficiency levels displayed in graphic form (in the form of stars) too so your hiring manager gets a visual perspective on what you’re capable of. Add more stars accordingly. See the amount of tables designed into the…

Cyperus – Full-Featured Functional Resume Template


…shown here. It’s second page has a unique bunch of stars inserted to help indicate language skill levels, along with double lined horizontally placed charts customized in word that are easy to modify. If you have little work experience or you are just entering your career, you can include a…

Percina – All-in-One Combination Resume Template


…white stars already inserted into their own rows of the document. Adjust the ready-made tables, include more typography or textured backgrounds, or toss in a qr code or company logos in your work history section.   Tip: You can increase your earning potential by reducing required work experience to the…

Sudra – Minimal Language Skills-Based Resume Template


Customer service resumes can sometimes be pretty, well… lackluster after certain periods of time. Now imagine if you had to search through thousands of them just to fill an open position – to say they begin to seem to all be the same after a while is an…

Plancer – Generic & Hybrid Resume Template


To thrive in your first job, you must stand out from your peers by showing the world your dedication and commitment to schooling. Which essential means you need a high school resume that pops. All while maintaining your college objectives in tact and on full display. Plancer uses…