Symmetric Rubric

With basic use of evenly sized tables, Symmetric Rubric accomplishes two important things necessary on every resume. First it shrinks down your job profile into short, key phrases. Next, it formats your set of of relevant skills into stacked rows of filled in rectangles for a splash of visually stunning…


…a few seconds, just right click and follow the edit data function. As all core-functional CV’s should, it begins the second page by displaying your employment history detail; in this case we used two mirrored columns shown above to list your prior employers & position titles. Swap out the bio…


Another minimalist resume template characterized by its mirror-like, symmetrical full-page setup. Play around with the background patterns in word, add filters, swap font faces, insert section borders, illustrations, and a watermark to it’s gorgeous vertical design. Be a dork by adding months to the dates on the right. Parsing some…


As a business major, you’ve got enough writing to accomplish with all the college credits you’re enrolled in to have to worry about learning to write a cv – and with Gothenburg, you won’t have to. This clean, executive resume template stands out because of its praiseworthy page layout, symmetrical


Creative, monochromatic styling and prominent headings result in a truly comprehensive CV template for ms word. FineSpun uses symmetric columns to highlight a deep employment background….