Aqua – Expedient Core-Functional Template, Bar Grap...


…the blue bar graphs to a different color by going through the format picture option in word (shown above). On the flipside, if things are too bare, see if adding table borders and/or varying icons will enhance the overall look. We opted to not include lines to separate the sections…

Simple Cornwall


…recommendations are also included in the download bundle. An orange sidebar is used for education highlights. Also includes special social media icons, and minimal borders which give this template a really clean finish. Easily adjustable horizontal bar graphs are used here to measure skill levels on the second page.  …

Nimble – Two Paged Core-Functional Template w/ Pie ...


…of the main page’s header. The graphics represent two primary areas of strength of your choosing; with bar graphs stacked on top of one another and pie charts placed adjacently. Sift through the writing guide for instructions on how to edit the pie chart data in word. It only takes…

Trocar – Light Bordered Functional Template w/ Note...


…the clustered 3-D bar charts, line graphs, employment timeline, and even define your years of experience in the middle.   Tips for Stand outs: If you are currently employed with a company, you can list your responsibilities and achievements within your job title. However, you might consider only listing duties…

Catalonia – Tri-Column, Skillets Showcasing


…has multiple adjustable technical skill bar graphs, matching vertical rectangles, and circular percentage charts for competencies – all of which neatly compliment the light earth tone customized page color. Sift through the image library to clarify or specify any international experiences, as shown in the snapshot below. Your years of…

Chlorura – Heading Bar Colored Hybrid Template


User submitted, Chlorura has become more and more popular among warehouse workers and construction supervisors. It gracefully organizes your core competencies – the sample mock up comes with great verbs, and no dates – which is a tactic generally used to take attention away from an employment gap…



Keep things basic and elegant with this minimalist resume. Giving you the correct amount of key competencies and visual elements to score any job opening. Your summary of qualifications and other necessary information is divided into sections by lightly shaded lines, aligned accordingly in vertical and horizontal fashion. Add your…



…divot pattern to add a little tech vibe to the document as a whole. Line graphs are proficient in shedding visual light onto your chosen computer skills above ^ If you look closely, you can make out the dotted diamond pattern fill that takes up the header’s background. Tips: The…



Design submitted by NickMusky, re-formatted for functional guidelines. Astonish recruiters with your lively appearance and core competencies with Nevus. It’s a custom made 3 page resume that has a recommendations page and a matching two-sided cover page. If you’re a bartender, go ahead and replace the existing image for your…



Are you an entrepreneur who is looking for a layout to highlight your achievements? Look no further than Europan, a full sample resume built in ms word that most small business owners start off with. Not only does it bluster the epitome of a basic design, but it’s…



…are several ways you can reword your work experience section to make it more impactful. One way is to use action verbs. This can help your resume make a stronger case for itself by showing how you have done something before and what you plan to do with your career….