…A little pizzazz goes a long way. You can start by messing with the colors to lighten things up a bit. Replace the company logos and adjust the colors by right clicking and choosing the picture corrections tab under the format picture option to personalize your previous employers and applications….


…educational background into the design and sift through a list of sample action verbs to enhance, lengthen, or shorten the vertical timelines. Opt to make replacements that will let you arrange your experience timeline chronologically and more comprehensively. To make the blurred header picture uniquely your own, use word’s picture


…You can easily change the company logos, section headings, horizontal skills charts in picture form, and a self-generated qr code itself in just 1 click. These corporate curriculum vitae outlines can absolutely be used for any promotion, first job, or for career change.   Resume Templates » Reverse-Chronological » Vatican…


…creative look makes this design fitting for young adults, a first job, or recent college graduates. Customized icons used for section separation seen below. Built-in graphics to help highlight the skill sets of your choosing have been placed below a circular monogram that is designed transparently – simply right click…


Applying for a salon position as a hairdresser? Then you’ll definitely benefit from Karrusel, a skills based résumé that calls much attention to your licenses, knowledge and artistic side. (version 1) (version 2) (version 3) (cover letter) (portfolio) (graphics) Upload your preferred headshot photo, make it transparent with word’s picture


Over ten tables and a customizable header background image coupled with a fully transparent personal photo is what makes up this 4 page executive cv set in its completion….


…defined header with matching vertical strips. It combines three columns on top of an adjustable table for leadership experience, listing contact information along the bottom of the document. Behind large lettering for your name and linkedin URL sits an 80% transparent text box.   Resume Templates » Functional » Panthera…


…logos. Fill in the career timeline as much as you want, and choose from the variety of icons in the download pack. Add in your favorite photo and word will automatically resize it to the preset picture shown in the pics. Then plug in your information. Extend the professional skill…


…layout that calls attention to your executive summary, educational accomplishments, people management background, and more. What’s even better is how you don’t have to resize your headshot before uploading it into the top part of the sidebar – just go to change picture and voila, done deal. A nice sized,…


Kantharos offers easy to alter in word its totally editable word art, text boxes, graphical charts for professional skills, small rectangle shaped personal photo within the header, and 56 social media icons to choose from. With an A4 sized checker board design pattern used for its page background,…