…in your educational background into the design and sift through a list of sample action verbs to enhance, lengthen, or shorten the vertical timelines. Opt to make replacements that will let you arrange your experience timeline chronologically and more comprehensively. To make the blurred header picture uniquely your own, use…

Sharpify – Monochrome Core-Functional Template w/ T...


A creative two-page resume in a core-functional format, Sharpify was given its name for its sharp edges and clever choice of graphic elements. The white background goes perfectly with its traditional black accents. After a nice-sized objective statement, a horizontally designed timeline is great for mapping out the trajectory of…

Eldora – Header Headshot, Timeline, Triple Column


…You’re a dedicated applicant… now’s the time to prove it. The timeline is like no other as you can see. The top half is for an educational background, leaving enough space for multiple schools and degrees. The bottom half is for your job history or licenses & certifications if so…

Omni Portfolio – Orange Graphed Template w/ Center ...


Omni Tables is a prime example of why our tastefully designed templates are the perfect solution for those who want an amazing layout. It’s orange accents accomplish two objectives at once. 1.) They underscore your certifications and competencies by adding a visual perspective to what’s important. 2.) They…



Skills based outline neatly configured. Makes clever use of a versatile multi-use timeline acting as a vertical center body divider….

Gallina – Experience Infographic Reverse-Chronologi...


…initiative by adding a textured background to the inserted banner used as a sub-header, or play around with the dotted timeline. Editing the timeline is easy. Key in your job titles, try not to show any gaps, and give a brief description of the restaurants or other establishments included in…



…It houses your personal and contact information in right far column, with a vertically placed timeline in the middle. Resize the timeline length by adjusting the cell properties. It’s superabundant technical skills section makes this resume perfect for web developers, but surprisingly it’s often selected by those undergoing a career…



…illustrious career. Say hello to a template called Hubble. Make the resume match your makeup and charisma by changing the timeline colors, key bullet points, font styles, and right sidebar background using the powerful set of design elements that come along with it. The tan colored sidebar has an intriguing…

Mantiger – Blue Iconic Reverse-Chronological Template


…of the timeline to extend it or shorten it as you please. Same goes for the text boxes, all of which are preset in chronological order. With the long list of professional skills used in the mockup, you can even make some more space to upload a barcode. How? Just…

Glimmer – Mirrored Grid Background (Two-Toned)


…to it’s gorgeous vertical design. Be a dork by adding months to the dates on the right. Parsing some action words from other samples isn’t a bad idea either… More Tips and Tricks for Word. Right click on the shape the covers the left half of the page and go…



…logos. Fill in the career timeline as much as you want, and choose from the variety of icons in the download pack. Add in your favorite photo and word will automatically resize it to the preset picture shown in the pics. Then plug in your information. Extend the professional skill…