Accelerating hiring rates.

At Templicate, we endeavor to provide the best environment for originating business formatted resume templates, academic cover letters, and online portfolios — bar none. Since inception, our storied mission has been simple: Ensuring your first introduction to companies on paper creates responsive and above all — interested, hiring personnel.

Experience ingenious.

Due to technology, industries are changing faster than ever before. We’ve evolved with an ever changing marketplace by developing resumes with two clear cut goals in mind: Creating CV masterpieces that don’t require cutting-edge graphic design software, only word. And secondly, making sure candidates who use our layouts meet their application guidelines.

Igniting stellar impressions of job applicants.

How are we optimizing digital portfolios? Through maximizing ATS keyword placement, where our creators strategically place sample buzzwords into each template they build… in turn this provides a blueprint of not only which words to add to your resume, but how to add them effectively as well. And by helping motivated professionals truly capture the attention of new employers or clients.

Driving greater creativity and inspiration.

We’re constantly taking action to make Templicate an even better resource for everyone, while internally continuing to flourish as a truly great place to work too.