Best Practices: Sectioning Off Your Resume…

Step one when creating your resume  is to always use the same font throughout the body and headers, this way hiring managers easily scan through your background if need be. Try to use a simple, easy-to-read font throughout the body of your resume. This will help keep the hiring manager’s attention throughout the entire document.

To give the hiring manager a better idea of your experience, you can include a skills section at the top of your first page. This is a section that provides the hiring manager with a summary of your skills and experience as an inside sales representative. You should include the skills you used to complete certain tasks on your resume. This can help the hiring manager better understand how you used your skills in the past and how you will apply them to the role you are applying for.

If you are applying for an inside sales representative role, you can highlight your sales skills by describing how you used your abilities to drive sales in your previous roles. Use examples from your work experience and include numbers to show your impact in your previous roles.

Your inside sales representative resume should clearly list your skills and accomplishments as they relate to the role you are applying for. Use the job posting to identify which skills the employer listed were most important when hiring for this role. Highlight your skills and give examples of how you used them to drive sales in your previous roles.

When you write your resume, try to include as many skills relevant to the position as possible. Try to include numbers and percentages when you can to clearly demonstrate your skills and impact.

Your resume should clearly list your past three or four jobs if you have previous team or group experience. If you have had many jobs, try to include only the most relevant jobs on your resume. Try to include roles such as sales associate, then move to the executive level of the company to show you have more experience.

Your education section should clearly list your degree, your major, the name of the institution where you earned this degree and the year you graduated. If you have advanced degrees, list your highest degree first with the next level down listing your degrees.