Why doesn’t my template look the same as the example?

Fonts: You’ll need to install all the required fonts (please check the font guide pdf in your download bundle) into your computer before opening the file in word in order for the templates to display properly.

Software: All of our templates are designed to work exclusively on Microsoft Word for Mac or Windows. Please do not use different software such as OpenOffice, Pages, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Word Online, Google Docs, etc, to edit your docx files. These do not share the same features and tools used in Microsoft Word to create the template.

If you don’t have the software, head to the Office website for a free trial of the program: https://products.office.com/en-au/try

How to install the included fonts?

Windows 8/10
• Extract the fonts from the downloaded ZIP to a directory that’s easy to remember.
• Select the fonts and right-click (or double click an individual font).
• Select Open (in the case of several selected fonts).
• Click Install from the preview window.

Windows 7 & Vista
• Extract the fonts from the download pack to any directory.
• Select Install.

Windows XP, Windows 98 & Windows 95
• Copy & Paste the fonts into the Fonts folder, usually found in C:\Windows\ Fonts
Note: Don’t extract the fonts directly into the Fonts folder from the zip file, as they won’t install correctly. You must extract them somewhere else then copy and paste them over.

Mac OS X
• Place the font(s) into /Library/Fonts (for all users) or into / Users/Your_username/Library/Fonts
• If you have Font Book installed, double-clicking on the font will open Font Book automatically. You’ll see a dialog box with a preview of the font. Press ‘Install Font’ (bottom-right of the window) and the font will be installed.

Where are my fonts hiding (Mac users)?

If you are a Mac user certain installed fonts may not show in your font list. To fix the problem try closing Word and re-opening OR visit the website http://www.files-conversion.com/font-converter. php and convert your .TTF files into .DFONT files. Next, install the .DFONT files, close and re-open Word.

How do I place my photo?

  1. Right click the picture that should contain your photo.
  2. Go to “Change Picture” (shown below).
  3. A new window will show up, find and upload your photo.

How do I edit the graphics?

To adjust the size or move any graphic including lines, shapes or images, either:

Select the graphic you wish to edit. While holding down the ‘command’ button on your keyboard, move freely and place where you wish or adjust the size of the shape freely by clicking and dragging a corner or edge.Tip: Holding the ‘Shift’ key as well as ‘Command’ will allow you to freely transform your shape while constraining proportions.


Select the graphic you wish to edit. Click on the ‘Shape Format’ tab in your window bar. Adjust the width and height by using the Shape Width & Shape Height buttons toward the right of the panel.

Skills Graphics

  • Choose between a standard header layout with the logo on the left and the navigation menu on the right or a centered layout with the logo above the menu.
  • Enable top bar – add a widgetized top bar above the logo and navigation menu.
  • Fixed header – select this to keep the header visible at the top of the page even when you scroll down
  • Vertically center elements – select this to vertically align the logo and navigation menu

Line: Select the vertical line, and using the arrow keys from your keyboard move it more to the right or left. Alternatively hold down ‘Shift’ + ‘Command’ and move to the left or right with your mouse.

Solid Bar: Refer to above section

Dots: To increase/decrease skill level on dotted graphs, simply fill or unfill each circle by; selecting the shape (hold down shift if you wish to select more than one at a time), click on the ‘Shape Format’ tab, navigate to the ‘Shape Fill’ drop down and select color or ‘No fill’.

How do I replace the text with mine?

Replacing content is very easy. If the template is table formatted, just highlight the areas you want to replace and paste in your own content. If not, just select each text box, delete the sample text and paste in your own.Single Layout – choose the page layout for your product pages

How to edit multiple grouped objects all at once?

Sometimes, you may not be able to directly click on a singular item but are forced to select multiple items at once. This means that the items are in a ‘Group’. To Ungroup a cluster of items, right click on the group, navigate to the ‘Group’ heading and click ‘Ungroup’. To create a group; select multiple items while holding down ‘Shift’ right click, navigate to the ‘Group’ heading and click ‘Group’.

How to edit multiple text boxes at once?

You can update multiple text box styling at once without having to select one at a time. Simply go to word’s format tab, under the arrange panel go to “Selection Pane”. After selecting a Selection and Visibility box will open on the right. Click the text boxes you want to change formatting for and your good to go:

How can I add additional background fill effects in word?

  1. Under the Page Layout tab, click on Page Color under the background panel.
  2. Click on”Fill Effects”:

3. Choose from Gradient, Texture, Pattern, or Picture: