Making Job Descriptions Your Best Resume Writing Guide…

A well-written resume is itself an impressive technical achievement, but what makes you stand out from other applicants is your personal presence as a professional. An effective resume communicates your experience and accomplishments in a way that hiring managers and recruiters can easily understand. Use the tips in this tutorial to write a more effective resume, and make sure to include any resources you’ve used to grow your skills and experience throughout your career.

An old school tip for creating your resume  is to use the job description as your guide. Pay close attention to keywords they include that you might not have thought of. For example, if you’re applying for a creative job, you might consider including a statement about how you’re opposed to any corporate policies.

While there may be some overlap between your skills and the job requirements, you want to tailor your resume to better target just the job you’re applying for. To do this, you should consider using the job description as your guide when writing your resume. When you look for similar jobs, you can use this information to help you tailor your resume to the job instead of using generic keywords.

If you are applying for jobs, it can be useful to be referred by someone who is already employed at the same company or who knows the hiring manager personally. Mentioning a referral in the job description is a great way to emphasize your interest in the role and company.

When referring a friend or colleague, mention their name and the number of years you have known them. If you have worked with them long-term or if you have multiple degrees or certifications, include those in your referral. Having a referral can help you stand out in the hiring process and increase your chances of getting the job.

Nominal jobs are typically one position, but companies may list multiple job openings on their resume to attract qualified applicants. When employers list a job opening, they may include a preferred resume format or require you to submit a resume tailored to the job.