Producing Career Highlights on a Resume – How To & When To…

As a career coach I am often asked which is the best way to showcase your skills and particular attributes. Typically, 9 out of every 10 times it is by simply stating them in a resume summary, off top. This is a brief section that provides a concise description of your skills, qualities and experiences. This section also helps to answer any questions potential employers may have. For example, you can list your skills in your skills section and your summary on the resume.

Carefully review your resume summary to ensure it contains accurate information about your skills and abilities. If you spot any mistakes, fix them before sending your resume. Your summary should only be one or two sentences.

Before sending your resume, ask a friend or colleague to read it as a summary. They can give you valuable feedback to improve the quality of your resume.

Using a resume template to structure your resume can improve the readability of your resume. Consistently check for grammar, spelling and accuracy. Reading your resume out loud will help to review sentence structure, grammar and spelling.

Smart resume building includes highlighting your unique skills as they pertain to the role you’re applying for. For example, if you are applying for a graphic design position, your unique skills could include your ability to create unique visual content, collaborate with other designers and communicate with potential clients and customers.