The Importance of Confidentiality When Job Seeking…

You can share your resume with others, but only if they keep the confidentiality agreement. For example, if a potential employer uses a job-search site to look for candidates, you can allow them to see your resume so they can prepare for an interview. However, keep in mind that if the potential employer breaches your confidentiality agreement, you may become concerned about their intentions. You can also decide to delete your resume from public view once you have received an interview invitation.

Confidentiality is a standard that employers and hiring managers establish to ensure the information they share with each other is only for business purposes. It means that personal and medical information can be shared among family members only if asked for by a relative, and company information can only be shared with the company itself. Generally, you have a right to know which contacts you have made and how they have been received by your employer.

Employers must tell you whether or not they are allowed to share your personal information with third parties. This usually depends on where the information is held, but can include a mutual company rule or a government requirement. Some companies may also have a written rule against releasing personal information. If you don’t know your rights as an employee, consider speaking with an attorney.

Your right to privacy as a worker has its limits, however. When an employer wants to check for certain skills, they may need to ask you to fill out a form. Often, this means that only friends or family can ask you for a reference. Forms also have a specific format that must be followed, so be sure to check the employer’s instructions before you begin writing.

An employer may sometimes ask you questions that determine whether you are suitable for a reference. For example, if you are selected for an interview and provide a positive response, an employer may ask you questions that highlight your abilities and record your responses.