Writing Multiple Resumes for Several Opportunities: Starting Off…

It’s important to include your name, phone number and email address at the top of your resume. Hiring managers and recruiters need to be able to easily locate your contact information so they can contact you. Below your name, phone number and email address, you can include your professional profile or summary, work experience, education, skills and any relevant awards or certifications.

A well-written resume summary or objective can be a short statement that describes your immediate career goals. If you have several life goals, you can use this space to list them all. If you have a single career goal, you can use this space to describe how you plan to achieve it.

Start with your most recent work experience first. Include the names of your previous employers, your job title, the location of the job, the years you worked in that position, your job description and any achievements from the job.

List your education section next. Start with your most advanced degree or diploma and include the name of your degree or diploma, the city and state in which you earned it, the name of your graduation date and any honors you received at the end of your high school career. You can also include your GPA if it is 3.5 or higher.

The section for your relevant work experience should directly follow your education section. The language you choose in this section should be specific, actionable and measurable. Be sure to include a bullet point list of the duties and accomplishments for each role—these should highlight your abilities, expertise and responsibilities in the role.