Bivane – Dual-Purpose Functional Resume Template


Description Reviews Bivane let’s you breakdown your college credits and scholarships to minor points in a concise manner. It’s sample content is that of a makeup artist or anyone with a cosmetology license. The different shades of brown, along with it’s real thick borders, will stand out…

Sudra – Minimal Language Skills-Based Resume Template


Customer service resumes can sometimes be pretty, well… lackluster after certain periods of time. Now imagine if you had to search through thousands of them just to fill an open position – to say they begin to seem to all be the same after a while is an…

Hubble – Form Image, Functional Resume Template


Sweet talking your way into the job you’re lobbying for is a praiseworthy characteristic to have, especially when you’re able to do it on the fly amidst a career change. But imagine being able to accomplish this on paper… through educating the interviewer with all the essential details…

Rushmere – Interdisciplinary Targeted Resume Template


Oftentimes, a copious branding statement appeals most to hiring managers. Depending on the type of position you’re aiming for, Rushmere remains one of the most comprehensive choices for any job seeker. This one in particular was designed for photographers. Express your scholastic achievements by listing multiple colleges. Pick…

Minnesotan – Vast Sections, Reverse-Chronological R...


Coming in aqua, blue, and red – each 4 pages in length – all showcase two vertically aligned timelines for employment history and scholastic achievements, utilizing circle-shaped art in word to measure skills & abilities. The template begins with an adjustable work timeline to map out your previous…