Hubble – Form Image, Functional Resume Template


…an intriguing 3-dimensional border the runs from its top to bottom; using block typefaces that stand out in a snappy, enclosed transparent background. Edit the job headings or edit the timeline content by clicking its corresponding hyperlink. Before saving it, take a quick look at the language proficiency line graph….

Histographic – Sizable Resume Template in Reverse-C...


…Utilizing stacked pyramid charts, it handles year-long employment gaps with ease by taking the attention away from them. The snapshots show the table grids inserted into the documents, making a long list of advanced skill-sets a whole lot easier to emphasize… and finalize. The portfolio page features large pictures for…



A gigantic header is a great way to make your name known to hiring managers. Whitetail’s stylistic variants feature large initials for your name, as well as clean typographic elements dispersed throughout its 3 pages….

Vallisneria – Key Skills Resume (Chronological) Tem...


…number in your portfolio since those details can provide unnecessary clutter. While you may have a large number of contacts in your job title, add only those who are relevant to the job you’re applying for. For instance, if you work as a liaison between two companies, you don’t need…

Pegboard – Responsive Combination Resume Template w...


A standard, A4 sized ms word resume and cover page template featuring tan-colored large grid pattern page styling. Utilizing Open Sans font throughout, it includes a cover letter along with abundant space for a headshot photo if you want. Boxed off work history dates are shown above. Its spacious and…

Casper – Multifunction Skills-Based Resume Template


The resume portion is comprised of two interchangeable first pages; one without any graphics, and the other with a dozen or so. A large header is at the forefront of every page with ample space for an introductory video or meme to get your credentials popping. Subtle lines are scattered…



…by double-clicking inside the header or footer area and dropping some text of your own into its place. You can also throw in quantifiable results and other accomplishments to accompany the different sections. Keep things clean and simple by choosing from a large pack of icons, fonts, and more.  …

Hilltop – Broad-Based Resume Template in Hybrid For...


Most job seekers aren’t even aware of the fact that it only takes 6 seconds for you to stand out enough to capture that hiring manager’s undivided attention. Use that short time span wisely and make an impactful statement with Hilltop, a colorful while classy resume that pops….

Tenuous – 3D Charted Core-Functional Template


Uses a turquoise sidebar for your section headings, with an engaging 3D pie chart for four key skills giving an otherwise text-dense design a modern feel. The vector illustrations have percentage marks on them, against a raised silver background for grabbing hiring manager’s attention. Leadership qualities can be a good…

Aragon – Mixed-Use Hybrid Curricula Vitae Template


…Now you can effectively format your credentials by customizing Aragon which includes a yellow colored timeline running vertically, matching yellow headings, and contrasting black company logos in its layout structure. When you’re in human resources, you won’t have to write from scratch every single time you redo your CV with…

Sceloporus – Stacked Chart, Chronological Resume in...


…email a resume, the employer may also include information about the email address you should send to, the city and state in which to send it to and other related details. Next, review your resume to ensure it’s visually appealing and well-formatted. For instance, check for headings, spacing, alignment and…