Kipling – Landscape Orientation w/ Greyscale Styling


Description Reviews Design stands out because of its lightly boxed off sections that surround the middle of the page, a great characteristic that professionally highlights your name and simple headshot foundation. Add in brief descriptions for each proficiency bullet point. The center of Kipling highly focuses on your core achievements…



Getting all of the coursework and educational accomplishments that is typical of all graduate school students is tough to fit into one academic section of a resume. After all, your future graduation date is the day the big bucks can start rolling in. Hopefully. Usually if your immediate objective is…



…on top. The print ready files include the two page cv and an accompanying cover page with all matching editable styling attributes. The artistic blend of sharp lines and two shades of baby blue, builds the persona of a strong applicant. Switch the sample profile to an opening section reflecting…



…add in some of the free design elements that are automatically downloaded with the pack. Tips: Your education section should start with your most recent education first, and include the name of the school you attended, the degree you obtained, your major and the year you graduated. If you are…



…offer as a candidate. If you have limited work experience, you can use this section to highlight some of your accomplishments. If you have been in the workforce for several years, you can use the rest of your resume to discuss your professional experience. Your work experience section should include…

Tallmouth – Gradient Header Functional Template


skills, qualifications and any other relevant details in the work experience section of your resume. The qualifications and details for each section should be formatted using bullet points. While many people create a resume as a one-page document, employers expect to see a resume that is more detailed and includes…



…give hiring managers gratification from the moment they read your brilliant objective statement. This resume template features brilliant visuals, a warming pair of grid patterned boxes, a cover page, and quickly customizable sections that will having you standing out in a couple of minutes. For help with further branding yourself,…

Akhara – Company Logo Sectioned, Table Styled


…columns underneath. The start and completion dates’ typeface is situated in yellow are there to further accent the table as a whole. The sharp, wonderful boxes provide clear division between the corresponding sections… each of which sporting a different background color.?ÿ It provides plenty of space for 3 or 4…



A fully vector professional curriculum vitae template bundle with a minimalist design that has editable sample categories originally inserted from an instructional designer’s perspective. Features a light vertical lined page color gray pattern behind distinctive heading boxes for section separation. Quick Tips: Once you have created a comprehensive job list,…



This vertical design resume template includes several unique characteristics that you can edit in word including its table formatting, custom section headers with partial borders & icons, and rectangular shaped photo area. Enquirer’s small page margins and monogram make it most suitable for multiple job types, including electricians, and even…

Ektene – Minimal Graphics, Beige Toned Page Dividers


…include a career summary that provides an overview of your professional experience and how you might apply your skills to an entry-level position. This section can help you prepare for the interview process, giving you a chance to emphasize your value as an employee and member of the team.  …



…randomly placed boxes with that light shade of watermelon complement the layout very well, creating a compelling visual effect when placed behind white graphics. Set the data amounts for the pie charts by double clicking the object in word. Take a look at the competencies section in this pic. Go…