Multi-colored template constructed to make your qualifications easy to read, while the large headings and employer illustrations add personality to the layout….



Making great placement of illustrations and infographics, this particular resume enhances the overall allure of the design….

Laredo – Skills-Based Core-Functional Template w/ A...


This template comes already formatted in Core-Functional and uses huge custom icons, circular-shaped, to help label each section you opt to include in your resume. The download bundle has hundreds of other icons to choose from in the icon library folder. Entirely formatted using multiple tables in word,…

Hilltop – Gradient Body Background, Two Invisible C...


Most job seekers aren’t even aware of the fact that it only takes 6 seconds for you to stand out enough to capture that hiring manager’s undivided attention. Use that short time span wisely and make an impactful statement with Hilltop, a colorful while classy resume that pops….



Lists down your previous jobs in clean a blue type that is in tune with it’s header, alongside engaging vector illustrated pink lines….



Being a quality assurance engineer entails keen knowledge of SQL, software QA methodologies, and scripting tools. Not to mention the drive that’s going to make you special vs the rest of your competitors. This Saxe design provides you with two simple templates for emphasizing a bachelor’s or master’s…

Aragon – Squared-Off Sectional Patterning


Applications for jobs and graduate school enrollments go through an extremely rigorous process and despite having to ace exams that may be looming…or being required to answer interview questions for that matter. In either case, nobody advances in their career if their resume doesn’t ultimately impress whomsoever is…

Chlorura – Heading Bar Colored Hybrid Template


User submitted, Chlorura has become more and more popular among warehouse workers and construction supervisors. It gracefully organizes your core competencies – the sample mock up comes with great verbs, and no dates – which is a tactic generally used to take attention away from an employment gap…

Catalonia – Tri-Column, Skillets Showcasing


A complete resume and cover letter pack that exemplifies aesthetic perfection with all the essentials… providing green accents in all the right places. Including over 100 colored and black & white social media monograms in png form, 20 hobbies icons, 7 vector image maps, and 2 beautifully designed fonts. It…

Lime Carromata


Uses tables for easy paste and go completion/ Comes with an extensive assortment of portfolio pages, set of white vector icons, fully transparent sections and instructions on which pages best suit your industry….



…fill up with power words: A rule of thumb is to always take advice from those who have been there before… as seen by the vector images added into the document you can emphasize both your hard skills and soft skills with this template. If you’re someone over 50, don’t…



Nullo uses numerous tables, the cells of which include tons of vector icons to replace the existing section images in the draft. The sample text stretches the body portion out to 3 pages long – not counting the cover page with matching letterhead for those looking to paste in their…