Grapevine – Tech Lifestyle Combination Resume Template


activities along with any awards you happened to receive.   Random Tip: A resume objective is usually one or two sentences that summarize your teaching experience and skills. They can help you make a strong first impression and help your resume get past the automated applicant tracking system (ATS) filters….

Themis – Comprehensive Hybrid Resume Template w/ Maps


experiences there. This can help you fill employment gaps when applying for a new job. You can also include brief links to online portfolios and personal websites, if appropriate. These can provide further details about your professional experience and the context of any gaps you may have due to covid….

Irvona – Practical Reverse-Chronological Resume Tem...


Lead your clients and potential clients in awe when they see a resume that reflects your salary history and key strengths like Irvona does. It’s a fine-tuned template chosen by applicants who love dark textured backgrounds, without overwhelming readers. Upload new company logos that reflect your employment history, then input…

Royalize – Marketing Skills-Based Resume Template w...


Using mainly fundamental designs and a beige-on-black color pairing, Royalize is characterized as a visually majestic resume that carries a whole lot of professionalism with it. Insert glorious vectors from the attached icon library in the download. Don’t be shy to plug in quotes on the side. Simply select quick…

Saxe – Geometric Resume Template (Chronological)


both) while organizing and honors and award details. Tweak the typography to suit the image you want to portray, or add a monogram or pattern to the shape backgrounds. The text is geometrically arranged over yellow overlays, with a full width banner inside its header, sent behind the text already…

Mandalay – Hybrid Resume Template w/ Proficiency El...


statement that can be edited as its borders and shading can be easily seen by viewing the gridlines of each cell as well as using buttons to apply borders. A yellow tinted sans serifs accentuates the headline text over a basic white background. Liven up the work history timeline with…

Minsk – Boxed Canvas Resume (Chronological) Template


positions have education requirements such as a bachelor’s degree, many companies hire salespeople based on skills and personality. People who work in sales are often paid based directly on their performance, so employers carefully review resumes to learn about an applicant’s potential as opposed to simply looking at their experience….

Studious – Light Framework Core Functional Template


fact that core-functional resumes should be partially if not mainly skills based, it is not well suited for those undergoing a career change. This 2-page template can be tailored for any position, but is highly recommended for Healthcare Administrators Nurses Externships & entry level positions Research Assistants Other hospital jobs…

Mutisia – Fresh & Modern Hybrid Resume Templat...


relevant power words such as, surgical instrument knowledge, X-ray positioning, sterilization, blood work and urinalysis. Explore shape pattern fill options (preset with dark vertical stripes already), mix and match graphics, add cool logos, hyperlinks, a linkedin profile link, and more… all within the?ÿ tastefully shaped sidebar on left. Don’t have…