Larus – Flexible Use Skills-Based Resume Template


…can avoid excessive descriptions that are irrelevant while concentrating on the 5 to 6 key points filled up with action verbs of your choosing. As a purely well-rounded CV should, it highlights scholastic honors you’ve received as an undergrad right after stating writing accomplishments on top. In the end, you’ll…

Georgian – Unspecialized Targeted Resume Template i...


…header space accommodates over 10 key workshop points containing hundreds of verbs. For those needing to take action sooner rather than later, the rest of the page was designed specifically for you guys. It uses tidy panels to organize your writing accomplishments, another for your technical skills, and so on….

Bivane – Dual-Purpose Functional Resume Template


Bivane let’s you breakdown your college credits and scholarships to minor points in a concise manner. It’s sample content is that of a makeup artist or anyone with a cosmetology license. The different shades of brown, along with it’s real thick borders, will stand out next to competing candidate’s boring…

Busy Hannover – Multi-Role Combination Resume Template


…jot down some key points from your linkedin profile.     Helpful Tip: The first step is to create your resume outline. This is a section where you list all of your work experience, skills and qualifications. Be sure to include your job title, employer, years you worked and the…

Retro Canny – Boxed Core-Functional Template w/ Che...


…as you need, or shortened down to one page. Listed first in the sample is a long summary of qualifications, where you can emphasize as many key points as you need to. Take a look at the red outside borders, matching it’s corresponding heading. While maintaining it’s core-functional formatting, the…

Yale – Multifunction Reverse-Chronological CV Template


Gain brownie points with the next hiring manager when they see the resume you present to them. Yale uses executive styling and is often utilized by those in the investment banking space. Put your stamp on the document by adding a watermark with your initials. Select a transparency level that…