Information gathering and what we do with it

When registering or downloading from Templicate we ask for information such as your name and email address. For premium downloads we also store your mobile number. All of this information is limited to internal use and will NEVER be shared with others.

Templicate does collect the email addresses of those who contact us via email, our form submissions, and site registrations. The information we collect is entirely used to improve our site and the overall quality of the resumes we create. Unless you’ve signed up for one of our newsletters, you will never be solicited any of our services, nor will your information be shared with any other entity.

Your data

We will never share your data with a 3rd party without your prior authorization, and we will never sell data to 3rd parties. Our offices are located in the United States. We transfer data with third-parties necessary to sell our templates, all of whom are GDPR-compliant.


We use cookies to store your preferences, and customize our web content based on browser types or any other information that site visitors send. Cookies aren’t required to use Templicate.


We do not partner with or have any special relationships with any advertising companies.


All data and information transmitted through our downloads are 100% secured by SSL protocol.