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An executive resume for use in various professions, with a strong letterhead attached – creative, professional, plain and creative at the same time.

Comes in color along with black & white styles:

Second color scheme included:

Achromat is entirely customizable and printable with quick text replacement by simply copying and pasting.

The opening statement is often used for skills and qualification highlights – like licenses, certifications, and other trainings attended that further qualify a viable candidate.

Perfectly applicable for jobs in retail sales to experienced general managers, Achromat’s header draws a ton of attention to a goal statement that’s fluffed up with buzzwords. Be sure to get keyword ideas from the position requirements part of the job posting.

Tip of the Day: Did you know that 90% of recruiters use an ATS to choose candidates for job interviews? That’s why it’s important to scatter powerful keywords throughout your sections. When you submit your resume in a word document, it makes these words more easily picked up by these systems.


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3 weeks ago
kyson y


There’s the typeface. I love it. It’s clean, modern, and unique looking. It feels like a good word choice for advertising. It doesn’t look like every other template I’ve seen and it’s easy to read. I’m going to have to send it out to companies soon and I want it to stand out.the content.

2 months ago
barbara a


Primarily looks like a template that any hiring manager could look at and pick me out from a bunch of other candidates. The idea of a centered header is also very appealing.

2 months ago
delilah n


It looks nice, is easy to skim, and it is colorful which is something I’ve heard valued for resumes.

3 months ago
alan h


It saves me square footage wise in tons (I have 11 windows laptops) which is useful when you’re relocating or having bigish gaps.

3 months ago
jeremy a


It looks clean, it stands out, and it is exactly what I am going for.

3 months ago
christian d


It allows me to show my history of jobs without a huge gap. it allows me to highlight achievements and show my ability to handle stress and pressure, which I feel is an essential attribute for a paramedic.

4 months ago
pamela p


It saves me from having to go back through an essay which can get quite lengthy if not written well. * As stated in FAQ #4 above **I’m applying all over Canada** (looking at jobs inside/outside BC) so even though i have experience heretofore it is really old(late 2010).

5 months ago
chaz m


The first is the color, I just don’t think I should use it (unless I’m applying for a very specific position in NYC, in which case I can easily go in that direction).

6 months ago
coleman b


It saves me from having to post multiple images on imgur which would otherwise be unnecessary (and look bad IMO) The columns help fix what most people see as one big mess in termsof formattingmy name is only slightly smaller than call center text so you can barely’see it because we are talking about half an inch away.