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Here’s a template pack (resume, cv, cover page with mmatching icons) designed by a Templicate user that places all the necessary sections for you while exuding that stylish, modern appeal.

This professional resume template features two clean columns, a circular monogram and blue and gray partial background to highlight your personal information.

Switch the skill levels by filling up the empty circles with that same blue color as shown with the memes.

Use any version of word to edit this resume and polish it as far as you want to. Make it more personalized.



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3 weeks ago
ronald m


Being kid-centric, my first impression of your CV/resume is very important and I want it to be an item I am both interested in and remember. The CTIO color scheme and typography is very appealing. It’s simple, yet vibrant. My boyfriend prefers a more traditional style (not shown in the pics).

4 weeks ago
melanie k


It’s minimal, clean, and attractive. The typography is very readable. It includes a summary, a skills section, and a section with professional experience. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate all of you – this sub is a great help.

1 month ago
brayan b


My old one was just blue print with no personality (and boring too).

2 months ago
jeremy n


It’s easy to skim through: every header is prominently displayed (you can zoom in by clicking on each individual div or cell), so you don’t have (aside from your initial `top-of page` text) scrolling up/down Your job experience modules seem much more vibrant than previous versions we had.

2 months ago
rey r


It’s minimal! No essays to awkwardly ask next or whatnot that will paint me into an unimpressive light (that can be easily painted itself).

3 months ago
frank j


I didn’t know how to best represent my job experience. I’ve worked at two different coffee shops – one in high school/college (where I graduated) and one since (where I work now). It’s currently important to me that I have work experience, because I plan on moving out of state for college (Texas).

4 months ago
kaleigh p


My old resume had a boring word wall, and did not stand out against the majority of resumes on here. I’m not sure what you all think about it.