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Don’t concern yourself with a cluttered header that’s going to give whoever reads it a migraine. Let Anemotaxis arrange your objective and core achievements in the kind of conduct that gets your hired in no time.

The main content of the body is demonstrated clearly using orange, white, and black text on a yellowish background in the middle row.

There’s also a hexagon shaped space for a creative shot of you in the center photo banner.


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3 months ago
kent n


It’s clean, simple, and does an excellent job of showcasing my education and experience. It’s in the theme colors we talked about earlier, and the header background color. It’s not overused, and doesn’t look tacky. It’s not muted. It’s the perfect amount of white and black.

4 months ago
gretchen h


Very uncluttered, and gives me a lot of freedom to show what I want without being pressured into making stuff I don’t want to show. My old resume was around 3 pages, and it was an absolute nightmare to write, and I think it’s reflected in the projects I list there. This new template is golden.

6 months ago
helen y


I hope someone provides a template similar to this one, as I am not sure what I might be able to do with Word at this point. Also, I am not quite sure about how to address my experience as a Consultant. I worked for a company that provided services to various organizations and individuals for a fee.