Great Quote: Opportunities tend to be disguised as perseverance, which is why it’s difficult to recognize them at first.

Show some aesthetic taste in your next job application with a modernized resume with the help of Aqua Expedient. Pleasing to look at, easy to read, and still can be appreciated in formal settings despite its fashionable appearance.

Ideal for creatives and those in the IT field, impress and captivate other savvy folks with the tech vibe the light blue and black palette and flawless typography. A modern template like Aqua Expedient is one where you can easily type in your credentials after highlighting any column or row in its full-page sized table.

If the accents stand out too much, re-format the blue bar graphs to a different color by going through the format picture option in word (shown above). On the flipside, if things are too bare, see if adding table borders and/or varying icons will enhance the overall look.

We opted to not include lines to separate the sections (besides the partial border under the header), but you are free to add in as many as you please.

The invisible sidebar houses 4 stacked customizable charts, designed to describe your core competencies in greater detail.

If you’re not in the information technology space, this resume template is highly versatile and comes in core-functional format by default… ready to be tailored to any profession.

Highly Applicable Industries:

  • Data Analysts
  • Helpdesk Support Positions
  • Project Managers
  • Cyber Security

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