Show your level of focus and dedication to the hard work you put into your craft each and every with Astute, a creative resume from Templicate in every sense of the word.

On first contact, a key element to success is being impressionable. Giving off the impression that you’re someone who always keeps their eyes on the goal can be paramount.

This skills-based, core-functional design template portrays your talents and business qualification in a simple two-column portrait layout with a black and white monogram next to enormous uppercase letters for your name.

(Other fonts, fill patterns and chart types are in the attached media library & writing guide that comes with)

Place your objective verbiage into the top of the body, throw in a few action words where appropriate, and swap out the Open Sans font if you want a different typographic style.

Using the core skills bars above, you can easily show the reader how much of each attribute you can bring to their company. Since it is formatted 100% by a drawn in table, all you have to do is drag the end of each red-colored row to its right for adjustments. Naturally, you can change up the colors too to your preference, whatever floats your boat.

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