Blue Bell begins with a very prominent header to showcase your name and initials, using a font size that guarantees your resume won’t get lost in that big stack of candidates.

It comes in a core-functional format by default, housing the bulk of your details in two side-by-side columns—both invisible, meaning no border separation—giving it a clean finish without getting too fancy.

Completely crafted in MS Word, we used a full page elaborate table to organize your sections neatly & incredibly easy to edit.

Below is a snapshot of the invisible gridlines shown in word to help you paste in your power words without having to guess how the table is formatted:

We suggest using brief descriptions under your various experience to keep it all on one page. If you’ve had a bunch of jobs over the years and can’t fit it all, there are two and three page identical versions in the download bundle.

An important fact to consider is what they call the six second rule; meaning recruiters only glance at each resume for 6 seconds when deciding to throw it on the “yes” pile or not. Although this is a relatively old tactic used by HR departments, you may want to consider it when listing 8 or 9 previous employers. Food for thought.

*For grad school applicants, be sure to highlight any academic accomplishments in your profile summary, and add your educational background in place of the current work history section.

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