Jumpstart your job seeking process with a CV that’s clean, tasteful, and skills-based – just like this word template from Templicate.

Unleash your key strengths by refining the existing design. Convert the resume to a qr code and begin distributing it on pinterest.

With rows of bar charts along the sidebar and clear column separations that make each section full of comprehensive descriptions, your resume will no doubt stand out from anyone you’re being compared to.

MS Word’s shape formatting tools allow you to alter line colors and styling before pasting your information into the designated text boxes made for you.

Feel free to update the percentage graphics to appropriate ability levels as you fill out the corresponding chart data labels with listing personal skill-sets.

Of course, you don’t have to stay with the middle blue-scale theme, and you’re more than welcome to use the background color in all of the columns if you think that will look even better.


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