A complete set of resume templates for highlighting your sales talents. The bundle includes a two-page CV, cover letter, references page, 14 page portfolio booklet, business cards, and more.

Each layout consists of yellow vector icons (hexagon shaped), matching skill bar graphics, and a distinctively designed vertical line separator with circle shaped bullets imprinted.

Sharp typography that bring much attention to the verbs you choose for skills. There are over 25 vector icons – giving your curriculum vitae a trendy feel while maintaining the right amount of professionalism.

The first 6 pages of the 14 page portfolio booklet included are displayed below. Mainly used by job seekers applying for the business development side of a company, it’s no secret that a strong portfolio can foster a sense of executive leadership.

Professional business cards tailored for sales executives who want to market themselves – sharing the same styling:

The photo size comes in 300 x 600 by default. Easy to follow guidelines for customization come in the bundle.

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