The following resume download bundle contains 4 custom fonts which are already embedded in the word document template.

The Carolinian uses executive styling for the majority it’s pages, focusing on company descriptions alongside plenty of hard skills to validate your application status. Your status on top, that is.

The reference sheet has 3 equally sized columns which align the headings and remainder text in there respective centers.

Don’t forget to put your initials into the boxed-off area with the blue background shown below before printing this out.

With a genuine business feel, the profile summary is large enough to take on at least 4 to 5 sentences. So if your current objective is running a little short, we suggest summarizing a few of your certifications to fluff things up a bit.

As soon as the resume captures exactly who you are, go ahead and chose your paper size, print, or email and start sending this beast out to the dream companies of your choosing.


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