Typically characterized by its large timeline that runs down the center of the document, this template has razor thin lines running vertically as a subtle backdrop design – along with 0.5″ margins surrounding all pages of the resume itself.

The download includes green, blue, black, and tan color scheme design options:

(white background with olive green graphics):

(black background with neon green graphics):

(neon background with white text & graphics):

A motion header is present on the odd pages, where your objective and summary can be repeatedly seen:

You’re free to swap out the recognition section for areas of improvement, for example. The table formatting makes updating the 3-D line charts a whole lot quicker than figuring out how to create them on your own.

Change the width of the columns by right clicking and scrolling through word’s table properties. Once you have it opened, you can proceed to experiment with the borders and shading options:

Exploded pie charts fill up the footer with neon accents. Designed to give prominence to your relevant skills in an uncluttered manner:

Helpful Cover Letter Tip: Always try to summarize your educational accomplishments—no matter how big or small—into the first paragraph.


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