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The resume portion is comprised of two interchangeable pages; one without infographics, and the other with a dozen or so. You are not required to use both, of course.

A large header is at the forefront of every page with ample space for an introductory video or meme to get your credentials popping.

Subtle lines are scattered among the sections, providing neat column separation for the resume’s two main contrasting parts.

Lastly, the upper page margins are distinctively larger than?ÿ typically seen, at a whopping 2 inches from the top of each page.



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3 months ago
kathy t


It’s in line with my career background. I come from a design and product management background, and love working on projects that require creative input, especially when it comes to ideating and creating brand concepts. I also love that it’s personal and stylized, while still being professional and contemporary.

3 months ago
kamden l


For one – it’s extremely easy on eye (no more awkwardly placed text blocks) yet still professional looking.

5 months ago
destiny p


First off all your personal info is stripped out so you can have complete control over what gets seen by whom when someone opens up yours online (as long as it’s not an evil corporation). Second thing that makes me smile are those fancy horizontal lines underneath each title/heading.

6 months ago
lillian l


I think it looks great, with a clean and simple design. It’s different and interesting. It’s not exactly the “norm” of resumes, and that’s what I like. In my old resume, I felt like it was VERY traditional. I don’t know how traditional.

8 months ago
yandel d


This cv template is very simple. It uses a single color theme and it is bolder than most cv’s I’ve seen. This helps me reduce overall cv counts as basically all of my experience is in restaurant, which is a large part of my industry.

8 months ago
leonel a


It looks so clean and modern, it’s refreshing (I feel like I’ve seen a lot of older resumes that look like they were pulled out of a 1990s computer file), and it works really well for my situation.

12 months ago
donna j


In the old resume, they were jumbled and hard to follow. Third, I like that the template doesn’t put a picture of me.