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A complete resume and cover letter pack that exemplifies aesthetic perfection with all the essentials… providing green accents in all the right places.

Including over 100 colored and black & white social media monograms in png form, 20 hobbies icons, 7 vector image maps, and 2 beautifully designed fonts.

It has multiple adjustable technical skill bar graphs, matching vertical rectangles, and circular percentage charts for competencies – all of which neatly compliment the light earth tone customized page color.

Sift through the image library to clarify or specify any international experiences, as shown in the snapshot below.

Your years of experience are squared off by medium sized borders.

Three pie charts help the reader visualize your competencies, requiring you to use less action verbs to describe them.

Three clustered cylinder charts similarly provide visualization for your language proficiency levels.



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1 month ago
carlee e


It’s so simple, yet versatile. I don’t think a resume should be complex, and a template like this hits that perfectly. It’s easy to read.

2 months ago
itzel d


It’s very intuitive, easy to read, and doesn’t put the focus on the technical details that some templates can. It also makes me feel more confident about any technical words I use as I know they’ll be translated correctly.

3 months ago
rishi s


I don’t like the classic “Objective” block at the top, and feel it’s a bit too busy.

4 months ago
bobby p


I don’t want to spam my whole resume with random colors, so I mainly used this cv template to create a basic, organized cv. After that I used a free online resume builder to make a more customized CV. The main strength of this template is portability.

5 months ago
leticia b


The first is the way the text is laid out, from top to bottom. It’s very similar to the way a CV is laid out, and that makes it very easy to glance at. the way the text is laid out makes the most use out of the space.

5 months ago
moriah g


I know it will stand out in the stack of other CVs I will be applying to. It isn’t dressed to impress as all I really need is a job as a medical assistant for a few months to work up to becoming a doctor.

5 months ago
russell k


1, It’s clean & simple, which is something I’m very fond of. 2, It’s aligned to the left, which is something I always struggle with. 3, It has my complete work history on it. 4, It’s not one page long, which is always a good thing. 5, It’s got some color, which is always nice.

5 months ago
frank c


My old resume looked cluttered as hell, with too many jobs and positions listed in one column. The new resume lays out is in a nice column, and doesn’t look as cluttered. It also doesn’t house my entire work history, and is much more concise.

6 months ago
adolfo l


It’s very conducive to the type of positions I’m looking for — entry-level science positions. I’m aiming in the near future for a job in a lab, hopefully in the mental health field.

10 months ago
sofia k


It works really well to display the different facets of my experience (as I have sort of shied away from doing). It really supports the “I did a lot of things” kind of approach that I’ve tried to take throughout my career (I’m sure hiring managers are thinking the same thing).

11 months ago
jazmyn b


The template is very clean – something that I’m very conscious of in my current job setting. Since I’m trying to outsource the work, I like that the template is sidestep-friendly.