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Cornwall takes a minimalist approach to its overall outline by using soft earth tone coloring, pictures for references, and native-american themed design icons.

  • Great for describing a lot of banking experience, achievements or position requirements.
  • The resume portion is two pages in length with a properly formatted reference page and recommendations are also included in the download bundle.
  • An orange sidebar is used for education highlights. Also includes special social media icons, and minimal borders which give this template a really clean finish.
  • Easily adjustable horizontal bar graphs are used here to measure skill levels on the second page.

Random Tip:

Ask the hiring manager for specific examples of how you demonstrated your leadership abilities during the job interview process. For instance, if you were asked about your professional accomplishments, you could discuss how you led your team to success after a project was delivered in full compliance with the specifications. You may also be asked about your management approach and how you led your team toward meeting the company’s goals.


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3 months ago
iyana e


It looks clean – in theory at least (I can’t really test that since there isn’t any privacy).

5 months ago
eric l


My old resume was just a plain, boring, black and white listing all of my prior jobs (not very eye-catching, I know).

6 months ago
eugene l


It looks so nice that when I preview it locally, my eye doesn’t want to look at the document because it looks so nice. My old resume had a boring pastel color scheme, and when I had toprint it, it looked like crap. This new template is just straight forward.

7 months ago
sandra p


I am using a consistent format throughout, instead of the erratic format I had before.