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Looking to stunt out the next time you apply for a job? Allow this word layout assist you with an impressive and intriguing template your resume like Cultivate.

Because attaching a cover letter can make or break your opening statement, ensure a rundown of your work immersion is showcased in it. Or, opt to just not include the cover, if you want.

If it’s background color scheme is too lively for your style then why not change the texture to something more open-minded?

Then enhance the professional references page by highlighting the target text and go from there.

Key in your qualifications, review it, don’t forget to have a colleague proofread it, then start sending it out to companies waiting to hear from you.



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1 month ago
harold w


I think the design is very clean and contemporary looking. It’s not like every other resume template out there that looks like it was designed in the 90s. The type of clean lines and crisp fonts make my resume standout. I think Erasmus might be my thing.

2 months ago
kelly b


Can’t help but mention how these colors are really making the page pop in a good way. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also highly readable, either. I’m actually excited to send this out.

2 months ago
dora w


*creative’: shows what an engaging career field Photographer is : DMs are cool anymore! :)Shows strong graphics & design skills along with commitment on time management.

2 months ago
margaret b


It eliminates the need to Google a new template for every job application – something I’ve come to dread. It looks *really* nice – no more ugly lines and weird coloring. It allows me to add more description without overcrowding the page.

4 months ago
kimberly w


I didn’t know how a professional CV would look like with a “clean” design. I wanted to support my experience with specific, relevant points. In addition, I wanted to support my education with specific, relevant points.

4 months ago
norma n


It’s clean, uncluttered, and allows me to include valuable information that is relevant to my job without much clutter. And best of all, it’s free! No gimmicks, no bullshit, just a free template that’s great for the brain and quick scanning.

4 months ago
tania b


It looks so clean and crisp, without the large, ugly gaps that can happen when using an image file (if the image is too big). The text is also much more readable than the old one, and there’s not as much wasted space.

5 months ago
christopher a


I like how clean the template is. I like the way the bullets are laid out3. I like that it plays up my English skills (I’m fluent in English)4. It’s not riddled with weird-tables (a first for me)5.

6 months ago
kiley f


The font choice feels really good & pretty cool personally :)And lastly (and most importantly) being directed towards positions in engineering or manufacturing.

7 months ago
james n


I’m sending two versions – a morning version (same format) and a afternoon version (with day and date changes). And second, I want to highlight my experience.

1 year ago
cesar y


It beats the heck out of Word (which I have been using for years, and is just too slow and outdated)it makes me feel like I’m doing something meaningful with my life, instead of just putting on a flashy show.