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In both of Cyperus’s main resume bodies, it’s pages have multiple columns that are well arranged and extensively editable.

An easy to personalize cover page with a contrasting color used for it’s header area as shown here:

It’s second page has a unique bunch of stars inserted to help indicate language skill levels, along with double lined horizontally placed charts customized in word that are easy to modify.


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4 weeks ago
curtis p


It’s a nice, non-foul-mouthed color. I’m a young girl, and I don’t desire to be tinged with a reddish tint. It’s not **only** my eye, it *is** my soul.it’s intentionally plain – just your average unassuming Jane.

1 month ago
craig g


It doesn’t hurt to have a boring resume either. It is limited to one page. That is a first for me.

3 months ago
gerald d


My old resume was boxy and boring looking. This new one is very graphic and clean. I think it looks great.My first reason for changing my resume style was because I wanted to. I saw a few resumes on Pinterest that had professional resumes with a lot of black space and using a lot of color.

5 months ago
katherine a


First off it’s super easy to read/follow with just one page being used as an example (also practical because in reality mine is going on two pages). Secondly its so nice that side columns can be bold while still putting important info at attention – functions like hyperlinks are now underlined where they belong perfectly centered within their own block.

6 months ago
mariyah r


With some exceptions as described below., , It saves tons (~100+ files depending on how hard your system is about exporting those.

6 months ago
amy w


It gives me the opportunity to flex my design muscles – I can put my creative energy to work in a professional setting (i. on the cover letter or using it for job applications) instead of being a passive recipient of it.

6 months ago
rachel j


I don’t want to presume to know what someone is thinking before I ask, so I want to get your thoughts on it. I’m curious about whether I should include the dates of the positions.