A magnificent, monochromatic color scheme characterizes Deep Slate from other templates. By default, the entire resume is formatted by 4 big tables, core-functional of course, emphasizing your various skills and abilities.

Widened dual-borders tabulate its body, with column spacing maximized so you can outline your qualifications summary in greater detail.

(Alternative version without center chart – for anyone without an advanced set of skill-sets)

A simple, yet gorgeous header lettering with enlarged font spacing:

Above you can see how to adjust the 3-dimensional stacked bar chart data.

The first page ends with a functional list of your employment history, corresponding dates, and role with each company:

Deep Slate is recommended for:

  • Bookkeepers
  • General Office Assistants
  • Entry Level Roles
  • Receptionists


Writing Tips for Students: An advantage of using a functional format vs a chronological resume in particular is the added benefits of giving major prominence to your skill categories. This comes in handy, especially when you don’t have much job experience and need your focal point elsewhere. When you’re busy with school work, your defined goal is to finish up your degree… instead of having to craft a similar CV.

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