Need to reformat a resume ASAP in word, but don’t want to go too far with a zillion colors? Draco is a top-notch template known for it’s effortless, fast customization. Some claim to paste all of their information in just seconds, which – exaggerating or not – isn’t too shabby.

You can personalize the middle column of the resume body by plugging in your old job positions, followed by a concise description of what your responsibilities were for a typical working day while employed there.

Now the right column uses graphs to represent your strengths… all placed horizontally and ready to be labeled — in it’s monochromatic style, it uses black headings against a white backdrop, and no borders lining the columns.

Adjust the working dates and their calendar icons. Resize the sheer black lettering and add a pinstripes footer to the page. Finish it off by adding a tint to the page number box at the top of the page, and try as many edits as you can quickly.


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