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This multi-page pack of cv templates displays a beautiful faint background plus light vertical lines in an off white earth tone color… all sit on top of a white foreground that ends up looking like yellow writing paper.

Dimly shaded borders make this resume a top choice among journalists and pretty much anyone with writing accomplishments to boast about—simply because of how readable all of the text is.

(Instructions on how to edit these page color fill effects in all versions of word are attached in the download, FYI).

If you don’t want to keep your year of birth in the header, replace it with a first available work date.

The hexagonal icons allow for careful arrangement of your credentials into the sections provided in the sample:

Your name lights up the top of the page by it’s upper orange frame, with great page dividers for increased legibility.

At the bottom, five key interests and hobbies are displayed by monochrome icons (there are 100+ to choose from in the download pack too). Just choose the ones that best describe you.


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5 months ago
adrienne s


I didn’t want to just copy a plain jane template on this one. I wanted the look and feel of it to feel unique without being over the top. And also, I wanted to make sure I had all the information there that I would need for it to be a winning resume.

5 months ago
laila e


Finally I made a CV with no lies, embellishments, or exaggerations. Everything is how it should be. And it looks damn good – my experience descriptions are high quality.

6 months ago
devyn t


On top of the looks, it’s extremely clean, simple, and professional. I used a template I found on an old MS Word post by someone who had recently reformatted their resume and was looking for tips.