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Applying for a position as a bank teller? Let your resume tell every local branch every detail they should be impressed with about you. All you have to do is follow this basic word template, cover letter and the guide that comes with.

Make it your personal creation by missing around with the borders and light vertical stripes.

Switch the striped page background by adjusting our preset fill effect under the texture tab as a new foreground color or use word’s gradient function with two colors.

Toss in additional bullet points, illustrations, or professional references too.  Scroll over each indent icon under the ruler, click on it, and drag it over to the right to change the margins.

End off by taking a took through the many icons templicate provides in the download pack and select the ones that best describe your personality.


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1 month ago
gabriel l


I’m going to omit some ‘basics’ – such as references and my political party affiliation – so that the ‘meat’ of my resume can fit on one page.

2 months ago
dianna w


It is a matter of style vs. content, though, and I would love a few more opinions. Stylistically, I like it. It stands out from the rest of the crowd and looks professional. The verbiage is clean and concise.

3 months ago
rosemarie c


This template is responsive in word, which is always a point that can be stressed in a stack of resumes. It’s simple and to the point. Also it was designed by somebody who is a professional graphic designer, so it will look very nice.