A likely fit for warehouse workers, this template is outstanding not only for highlighting your technical skills and certifications, but also for showing off your knowledgeable and exuberant side. Prove what you can do other than general labor.

Presenting a resume with a nice, modern design is a productive step to take to make employers believe in your capabilities, ultimately making their professional dream come to fruition.

(Here is the alternative version of EmbodyCV without the skills chart and green & red rounded bullets, that is)

Personalize it by pasting in your work experiences without dates. You can pick out your own infographics from templicate’s download pack and inserting them into the layout. (The bundle also comes with a full guide on how to keep it all in a core-functional format as well, btw.)

Resize or reposition the skills chart bars and other graphic elements to match your ability levels, professional qualifications and additional details.

If you’re applying for a customer service position, EmbodyCV has many advantages besides its nicely spaced headers. It’s length gives more than enough space to pack in a good amount of keywords to get picked up by any ATS on the planet.

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