Fluidity is appropriate for any job type (even university students), allowing for a lengthy mission statement and boatloads of volunteer experience, if needed.

For those who want minimal graphics, the download bundle includes a second version (see above) without the skills chart in its side panel.

Since Fluidity uses simple tables in word, all you have to do is begin highlighting each section, copy your original resume information, and paste it in all the right spots.

The chart is easy to tailor to your qualities; above you can see how quick it is to edit its data in word.

The first left column boasts a light blue background, and brings much needed attention to your educational background and contact information:

The sample core-functional resume comes with an identically styled letterhead page, along with alternative infographics to mix and match along the way.


  • Career Changes
  • Entry Level
  • Janitorial
  • First Jobs out of High School

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