Prior to whipping out your application for grad school, show your expert design skill-set with your two-toned, uncluttered resume and cover letter. This double pack of templates help not only job applicants’ careers’… but they also help the trajectory of students’ futures’ thrive by aspiring them to leave the right impression.

Comes in two styles for word:

The five main tables in the body have grey borders from corner to corner… fitting all of your resume’s content onto one page. Utilizing classic and sophisticated fonts to provide blue and black accents, Fuego is a template named for it being best described in one word: it’s a fire students.

Below is a quick pic of what the scholastic achievements table looks like. It highlights your GPA (which you should only list if you graduated with more than a 3.5 or above), in addition:

  1. It lists multiple colleges (to cover your associates, bachelors, and/or masters degree)
  2. It states where you obtained your highschool diploma & what type (whether its an honors program, general diploma, or GED).
  3. It tells what scholarships you’ve achieved while in school.
  4. It gives enough description space for any extra curricular activities (like a fraternity or sorority you’re an alumni or current member of) that you can supply with your own school details and names.

See the sample:

You may opt to change the honors and awards section to an impressive letter of recommendation from one of your professors if you are listing current education information.

You can retain the college credits line, or add emphasis to the name of a degree that you may be in progress of completing along the bottom of the header.


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