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Gurnet is best described by saying it is an impressive minimalist resume template package to say the least. The A4 sized download comes in printable letter size as well.

It uses motion graphics to highlight certain percentages that adequately show your levels of volunteer experience – listed in reverse-chronological order.

What’s included in the download package? Take a look.

Vertically aligned graphics to display your ability levels in nothing less than impressive fashion.

  • Here are some helpful snapshots and writing tips to follow
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    Simply follow the instructions attached and paste in your existing objective and/or summary, use the experience pie charts above to describe your number of years of relevant experience in your field.

    Each template is easily editable and features multi-colored squared backgrounds, refined boldface typefaces, well-organized graphics for your skills in a separate .docx file, and a long timeline for work experience highlights.



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    1 month ago
    calvin s


    It’s simple! No more Hellish Christmas color pallet that makes no sense to anyone trying. There are very clear division between skills & duties. – The list is organized clearly showing you what i *know* we need based on category (see upper left). This way all sections flow into each other nicely without any remaining unorganized white space.

    3 months ago
    craig j


    This looks MUCH better – each paragraph is detailed enough to have some kind visual interest / build up.

    3 months ago
    caleb t


    I didn’t want to just slap something together, and have it look like I did a million different things in order to get where I am now. I want my new resume to have a very polished appearance, and I want it to still able to be readable.

    5 months ago
    bobbie l


    Thanks for helping me keep the formatting and content of this resume clean, while still looking great. I’m shooting for an entry level position anywhere, so I’m not that concerned about being too “flashy”.

    6 months ago
    myah m


    I didn’t know how to create a “skills” section, so I just lumped all the languages I know into “skills”.

    9 months ago
    leah j


    should be broken into several bullet points. * The Past Job” portion should actually be broken out into a new column, like the “Experience” portion.